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Sunday, June 21, 2009
Bye Bye JB!! =(
6:48 PM

Last day in JB today. Strange mix of feelings in my chest. Nervous yet excited. Sad that I'm leaving friends behind but also happy at the prospect of making new friends and seeing some old ones as well. Really going to miss my family and friends...and my bed! Kind scared as well. First time leaving home. Have to start fending for myself. Guess this day had to come. I cant be staying with my parents forever. Need to move out on my own eventually. Just seems so fast. But finally I'll be a free bird. But freedom comes with responsibility. Seems so emo la this post. Getting to formal. Need to add some la to it. Make it more Malaysian.

I don't really know who reads my blog. But to all my friends. I'll list a few... Lulu, Supha, Germaine, Laiitha, Anisa, Chiew, Alyssa, Foo, Shalu, not forgetting Kirat (although your in Perlis), Arveen, Yomana etc etc...Really going to miss you guys.. Hope we still remain in touch even after a long long time to come.. Good thing got Facebook ah.. and blogs as well... atleast I'll know what u guys up to...

Take care!! Love all of you all! Wish the best of luck to everyone. May you be successful in which ever path u choose... And if your in Banting...lol..(which i highly doubt any of you will be)...just gimme a call... We'll meet up for lunch or something... :)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009
JPA Letter has finally arrived!!
1:42 AM

Finally our JPA letter has arrived after patiently awaiting it for so long.
I was in Malacca when the letter arrived. Everyone was smsing me and asking me where I'll be going and I didnt even know that the letter arrived. Called my "kakak" and asked her to open the letter. Was to curious to wait. She wasnt sure where to look since a huge package arrived wid so many different papers and booklets. So had to wait somemore. Thank god Dad came back durin lunch time since he was travelling to Malacca on that day. So he gave me the good news. I was among the lucky few who managed to get United Kingdom. Before I can pursue my medical degree in UK I'll have to undergo a 2 year IB( International Baccalaureate ) Diploma Program. Seems super hard yet it looks fun. So I'll be off to MARA College Banting on the 23rd of June. Finally I'll officially become a college student. Unfortunately I have to wear Baju Kurung everyday to class. Need to go baju kurung shopping.
Kind of excited to enter college life. Really excited to see how this IB course is going to be like. Read up on in it on this website. http://www.kmb.edu.my/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=74&Itemid=98
Kind of excited bout the world literature thing. Seems interesting. Might be taking Franch as my second language if its offered. Otherwise i'll have to look at other options. Need to filling up all the forms fast and do a full medical checkup.
Looks like i'll be having busy weeks ahead getting everythin ready before I go off.