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Sunday, March 29, 2009
5 Day Stint in HSA
11:47 PM

Last week from the 23rd till the 27th, me and Kirat had to go for this Program Pendedahan Kerjaya Seorang Doctor since we applied for the JPA scholarship for medicine and they sent us for this program so that we're certain we want to do medicine. Loads of people who actually get the scholarship end up quiting half way due to the pressure, a large marjority do medicine not because they are genuinely interested but because their parents want them to. A lot off them end up giving up half way or cracking under the pressures on the houseman years..(2 actualyy commited suicide according to rumors). So thats why this JPA people sent us for this program to ensure that we're serious about this and can deal with the job... So we went to HSA.. i was really relieved to have Kirat there, atleast i didn't have to face the unknown alone.. They were very strict about clothing.. they didn't allow jeans and t-shirts.. So i had to get some slacks and office shirts.. It was so not my stlye.. But i still looked HOT.. hehe...so it wasnt to bad..Around 80 plus people attended this program. we were divided into 7 groups.. Kirat and I were separated but it was ok.. Made a couple of new friends and got to actually get to know some people whom i knew before only not so well.. Lavena and Manjulah who are both for SSI... i knew them before this but never really hung out with them.. It was kinda fun chit chattin wid them in the cafeteria durin break... very nice people indeed.. and araveen as well who i still dont know to well.. but the stories bout him are hilarious..

I'll start with DAY 1
there were initialy 12 members in my group, 4 malay boys, 2 chinese boys, 2 chinese gals, 2 malay gals, and 2 indian gals( me and lavena)...
our very 1st department was O&G which stands for Obstetric and Gynecology... which is the department that handles birth and female reproductive probs.. LOL...
We couldnt enter the labour room all in 1 go so we split up.. Me and Fatin were the 1st to enter the labour room, while the rest when to barat 3 and timur 3.... 1 of it is the anti-natal(b4 birth) and post natal ward(after birth)... and the other is the gynecology ward...
When we were in the labour room we were actually hoping to witness an actual birth... we were waitin for 1 lady to give birth for some time... but the baby wasnt ready... so we decided to walk 2 another room to see a mother seeing her newborn baby for the 1st time... the baby was so tiny.. all wrapped up... so cute... then as we were about to go back to the other ladies room... BAM! The baby's out and their already bring it to the cleaning room... We were waiting so long for it 2 cum out and it didnt... when we just went away a short while she's out.. Haih.. so we missed the labour but atleast we got to see them cleanin the baby up... it was a bit slimy.. and blue... so the had to heat the baby up a while... den stuffed a tube down its throat to suction out all the fluid.. den dey weighed it and wrapped it up...
The 2 chinese girls that went in after us actually got 2 see a real labour... the ante-natal and post natal ward was kinda boring.. nothing much to see except mothers feeding their babies... supposedly HSA has 1 of the most busy O&G ward in Msia.. Average of 30 to 40 births a day... SERIOUSLY.... 30 to 40 and we didnt even get to see 1!!!

The rest of the day was pretty boring cause we were juz hangin around here and dere waitin for the sister to bring us around... every1 seemed a lil to busy to tell us anythin... we were supposed to leave at 5 but since our group had nothing else to do and every1 was so bored the nurse let us go back at 3.30.. bt me and lavena being the good 1's decided to hang around and visit Kirat's group since Manjulah is also in her group... i was supposed to wait for kirat and lavena wanted to wait for manjulah... so we went to the male surgery ward.. where they were juz hanging around walking around aimlessly...manjulah found some eye candy to drool on... he was kinda cute... bt unfortunately for her, he was ENGAGED...

so thats about all for day 1... we'll move on to day 2 later... hands pain edi la...

Resurrection of My Blog
11:04 PM

Most people don't know that i used to have a blog which was made after PMR. But it was never really alive. I hardly updated it at all and i never gave anyone the link. I don't know why i'm restarting my blog because i'm pretty sure this isn't going to last long either. But since i have nothing better to do at home and new blogs seem to be poppin up everywhere, so here i am back in the blogging world. I know this blog is kinda sad but I'm really clueless when it comes to changing blogskins... I'm counting on Veena( my sis) to set it up for me since she's more then willing to. Hopefully she pimps up my blog nicely..

Well, these past few days have actually been quite eventful so i cant actually write something...
FINALLY something is actually happening in my life besides sleeping, eating, and on9-ing...
But i'll save my stories for the next post... hehe